A4429 ALEXSEAL Accelerator for Finish Primer 442 is used to reduce the drying time of ALEXSEAL Finish Primer 442. Additional quantities of A4429 ALEXSEAL Accelerator for Finish Primer 442 reduce pot life, and are not recommended. When using ALEXSEAL Finish Primer 442 directly on metal, the use of A4429 ALEXSEAL Accelerator Finish Primer 442 is not recommended. Add up to 12.5% of A4429 to the catalyzed 442 epoxy primer, or 1 pint A4429 for each mixed gallon of base and converter. A4429 also replaces that amount of the reducer. Mixing to achieve 12.5% reduction using A4429 is 2 quarts base, 2 quarts converter, 1 pint A4429. Example 1:1:1 /4. Mixing for 25% overall reduction using this accelerator will require 12.5% reduction using A4429 and 12.5% reduction using R4042 Epoxy Primer Reducer. Example 1:1: 1/4: 1/4.

Technical Data Sheet:  https://www.alexseal.com/fileadmin/user_upload/Alexseal/TDS/English/TDS_Alexseal_Finish_Primer_442_2023_engl.pdf

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Accelerator used with 442 finishing primer to speed up the cure time in cooler temps (65F or cooler).